72 x 60 acrylic on canvas

She's large and in charge! A brilliant display of color and attitude, Harriet is a show-stopper and she knows it.


Bridal Fall

48 x 72 acrylic on canvas

She was being forced into an arranged marriage while her true love stood by helplessly trying to find a way for her to escape. Dressed in flowing white with Papa on one side and Mama on the other, she was paraded to the church just as the bells tolled at Noon. Her heart was heavy as she saw the church ahead and her true love weeping on the bank of the nearby river. As the entourage was crossing the bridge over the majestic waterfall, she saw her true love leap into the water to escape the pain. Without hesitation, she too, jumped and reached for his hand. She was too far away to grab him, but the tiny waterfall fish who tended the curtain of water heard her cry and created a small magical opening through which they could touch. But, alas, the supernatural world required couples to enter foreverland together.  Since he had already passed completely through the falls, she could not. But they were able to hold hands through the small gap, and the waterfall fish vowed to always keep the opening clear so the couple could hold hands and gaze upon each other. Since that time, every day at Noon the sun shines upon the waterfall to reveal the escaping bride who is forever caught between two worlds. 

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waterfall fish

Red Rose.jpg

Rose épique

24 x 30 acrylic on canvas

With brilliant tones against a bright blue background, you can almost smell the fragrance of this vivid flower.