72 x 60 acrylic on canvas

She's large and in charge! A brilliant display of color and attitude, Harriet is a show-stopper and she knows it.


Waterfall with Heliconia and Hawaiian Waterfall Fish

48 x 72 acrylic on canvas

Bright red flowers dangling over the rushing falls capture the spirit of tranquil days in Hawaii. Look for the waterfall fish (part of the species of goby fish, Sicyopterus stimpsoni) which have suction cups along one side of their bodies that allow them to shimmy up the falls. 

Check out the Hawaiian

waterfall fish

Maine Sunrise

60 x 36 acrylic on canvas

As seen through a sheer curtain, the early morning sun's reflection melts into crystal clear water as it meets the sky, creating a perfect reflection of the idyllic cottages and trees. 

Red Rose.jpg

Rose épique

24 x 30 acrylic on canvas

With brilliant tones against a bright blue background, you can almost smell the fragrance of this vivid flower.